Your Single Source for Premiere Construction Services and High-Grade Building Materials

There are three major factors when it comes to construction — planning, material quality, and contractor experience. Fortunately, Lifestyle Lumber is your one-stop-shop for all three.

Our specialty is small-town service and value, paired with big city ideas and know-how. From initial design to final walk through, our team at Lifestyle Lumber can assist you in every stage of the building process.

— General Contracting —

New Home Construction  •  Remodeling  •  Storm Damage Repair  •  Agricultural Construction  •  Light Commercial Construction

Newly constructed single family home built by Lifestyle Lumber

Residential Construction

Building a new, custom home is often a-once-in-a-lifetime experience. And for good reason, it is a large investment, can be stressful, and involves intricate decision-making. As an experienced general contractor Lifestyle Lumber welcomes the opportunity to be a part of building your dream. From traditional, two-story family homes to large, elaborate dwellings, we build homes designed to fit your lifestyle. Our wide range of construction services allow us to transform empty lots into inviting homes. Our no-nonsense approach to estimating, planning, and scheduling provides for a more stress-free experience. Whether you’re just getting started with design ideas or are in the process of selecting a contractor, make Lifestyle Lumber your next call… 320-548-3459.

Split photo of a completed kitchen and a blueprint draft version


Home remodeling is all about turning your ineffective and outdated rooms into usable, family friendly spaces. So, what is the first step in the home remodeling process — hire a contractor that has experience with the task at hand. Fortunately, Lifestyle Lumber is well versed in all types of home remodeling jobs. No matter what the project maybe, from in-depth kitchen and bath overhauls to basement finishing, we are more than qualified to tackle the job.

Roof of a home with a large tree laying on it

Storm Damage Repair

As a central Minnesota based company, we are selves have experienced some of what Mother Nature is capable of doing. Severe thunderstorms, hail, straight-line winds, tornadoes, floods, lightning strikes, and heavy snowfalls can all result in varying degrees of damage.

The last thing you need after living through severe weather is an insufficient insurance claim. At Lifestyle Lumber one of our areas of expertise is storm damage repair, which includes working directly with your insurance company to ensure you get the most out of your claim. We can assist with submitting your claim – making sure necessary photos and detailed damage explanations are included.

After your claim has been submitted, we can perform the repairs and supply the materials needed to transform your home, farm or business back into optimal condition. Our storm damage repair services include: free estimates, roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters, and more.

Newly completed calf barn with materials and construction services provided by Lifestyle Lumber

Agricultural Construction

Agriculture plays a major role in our area; our own town of Saint Martin is a rural farming community, much like those that surround us — Melrose, Albany, Avon, Paynesville, Farming, Roscoe, and beyond. We understand the agricultural heritage of central Minnesota and as such we specialize in building structures for dairy, hog, poultry, and crop farmers.

From traditional barns to efficient machine sheds, we have the experience needed to professionally execute the construction while staying on schedule and within budget. Whether you are looking to build new or remodel an existing structure, we can provide the building materials, labor and knowledge needed.

Let’s build it: pole buildings, dairy barns, hog barns, poultry barns, machine sheds, and more.

— Lumberyard Services —

Quality Materials. Professional Service.

As a full-service lumberyard, Lifestyle Lumber carries an expansive range of building materials — everything needed to construct a professional-grade structure. When you turn to us, you can count on cost-effective project flow with the highest-quality building materials in the area. All of our building materials are stored in enclosed structures to protect against exposure to Minnesota’s ever-changing weather.

Operating as a true lumberyard, we are also able to oversee the handling and quality of all of your building materials — including in our warehouse, during delivery, and at even at the jobsite (if we’re performing the construction). We stock products manufactured by some of the construction industries most recognized names; and our knowledgeable staff can tell you which products work best for any given building project.

Why use a lumberyard over a big box store?

  • Higher quality construction materials
  • Special ordering available
  • Material delivery — Lifestyle Lumber provides professional delivery up to 50 miles from our location in St. Martin, MN
  • Proper transport equipment
    • Full fleet of well-maintained vehicles
    • Boom Trucks
    • Flatbed with Forklift
  • Enclosed warehousing facilities — This is not true of every lumberyard, but is the storage method of Lifestyle Lumber
  • Showroom displaying building products, hardware, tools and construction supplies
  • Accurate material estimating
  • Complimentary blueprint drafting
  • Enhanced material knowledge
  • Friendly, professional construction advice

Stop in at our showroom / lumberyard and discover small-town service, paired with big city selection. Contact us for material delivery and product availability.